A rug is an excellent item for elevating the style and aesthetics of a room. Apart from this, it is a definite way to make a room warmer, softer, and cozier.

However, it is an expensive item. For this reason, it is important to choose one that is just right for a room. Furthermore, it is crucial to position it to complement the other decor items so as to achieve the best possible effect. In this article, we will give you a handful of tips on doing this.

Let’s start!

Use a rug as a form of art

You can add a dash of color to your home with an art-inspired rug – think of it as a floor art piece. Pair this off with other items like flower vases, lamps, and paintings to create a room that is genuinely artistic in its feel.

What’s more? You can even use a rug as a wall hanging to achieve that artistic look.

Use a rug to demonstrate your personality

Rugs come in different shapes, textures, and styles. As a result, they are an excellent way to demonstrate your artistic and creative side. Are you a minimalist? Secorate your room with a simple, plain-colored, and plain-patterned rug that showcases your style. If you are a vivacious person who loves colors, go with a multi-colored rug that displays your personality.

Use a rug as the room’s focal point

Given the warmth and softness a rug brings to a room, many people naturally gravitate towards it. You can encourage this by using it as your room’s focal point. One way to do that is to paint the room’s walls in a color that is similar to the rug’s accent colors.

Use a rug to demarcate certain areas

You can also use a rug to define areas of the room. You can use it to set apart the dining area, the seating area, the foyer, or any other part of a large room.

This is especially useful if you stay in a studio apartment as you can use rugs to differentiate the different parts of the room based on their intended purposes.

Choose a size carefully

Consider what size you want your rug to be before you buy it. Do you want it to cover the entire room or only the middle of the room? If you’re going with a rug that covers the whole room, ensure it is 3 feet shorter than the room on all sides. This will make the room appear larger. If you intend to use the rug for only the dining area, ensure it extends sufficiently from the table so that the dining chairs stay on it even when you pull them back for sitting.

Use a rug that complements your furniture arrangement

While most rugs are rectangular, be more discerning when choosing one. Let your furniture arrangement determine the kind of rug you choose, whether oval, rectangular or round.