Lamps offer an incredible way to influence a room’s decor and ambiance. As a result, you can use them to dictate the mood of your home. If you are thinking of buying table and floor lamps for your home but aren’t sure what to do, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some rules that will guide your placement of lamps and help you achieve the best possible effect with them.

Let’s start!

Choose a lamp that complements your decor

Your lamp, whether table or floor, should complement the rest of your interior decor. So, when you select lamps for your home, ensure there’s a unifying factor, whether it’s color or style. For instance, a traditional lamp will look odd in a room with a contemporary decor theme.

Also, try to ensure all the lamps in a room have some degree of uniformity, especially in terms of height.

Be contrasting

The color and texture of a lamp are two important factors to consider when choosing one. If your room’s decor is muted and somber and you want to dial things up a notch, you should select a lamp with an interesting texture and shape, as well as an exciting color. If your room is filled with oak furniture, use lamps made from another material like brass.

Consider the lighting

While we buy lamps for their aesthetic purposes, their primary function is to provide illumination. So, when you’re buying one, consider whether it provides the amount of illumination you want or not. For example, if you read at night, you should buy a lamp with a translucent shade that casts a wide and bright light instead of one with an opaque shade.

Place them in the right places

To get the best effect with a lamp, you have to be deliberate in where you place it. As a rule of thumb, place floor lamps at the different corners of a room. Also, if you have certain sections of the room you want to highlight, like a trophy cabinet, place a floor lamp in its vicinity.

Table lamps, on the other hand, can generally fit anywhere there’s a table. However, they’ll do better closer to a room’s center than anywhere else.

For table lamps, consider the scale

Not every table lamp is appropriate for every table. When you’re selecting a lamp, ensure the scale is in line with that of the table. A large lamp will look out of place on a small table. Also, a small lamp will look lost in a large room. And given that lamps influence a room’s decor, you can rest assured that such sights will give your room a weird vibe.

Table lamps and floor lamps have numerous benefits but it is not enough to simply buy them and distribute them around the house. If you follow the rules we’ve provided in this post, you can ensure you make the best use of these items and elevate the aesthetics and appeal of your room.