Cleaning the home sounds like a straightforward task. After all, you only need the right tools, water, and the determination to get it done, right? The answer is yes…. for the most part. However, in other instances, you might be doing more harm than good and making your home dirtier.

If you want to ensure your cleaning improves the situation of your home and leaves it better than when you started, this article is for you. Below are 5 common cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Let’s start!

You use a feather duster

Feather dusters are not effective for cleaning your home. In fact, they hardly clean anything. When you use the tools to dust a surface, you only succeed in spreading that dust around.

Instead of cleaning with this notorious tool, we recommend you use a combination of cleaning solutions and a microfiber cleaning cloth (or a paper towel).

You use the same cleaning cloth for the entire house

Most people think using the same cleaning cloth for all their cleaning purposes is okay. However, this could not be further from the truth. When you use the same cloth for cleaning both your toilet and your bedroom, you will end up transferring germs from one to the other.

We recommend you use one cloth for each room you clean in your house.

You don’t clean your tools

Before you start any housecleaning, you should endeavor to clean your tools, from your cleaning cloths and mop heads to your scrub brushes and vacuums. If you don’t do this, then you have doomed your housecleaning to fail from the very start as, instead of cleaning, you will only end up transferring dirt, germs, and dust from your tools to your house.

You disinfect before cleaning

Another cleaning mistake that leaves your home dirtier is disinfecting before cleaning. While cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand, you should do one before the other to get the best result. Cleaning removes dust, dirt, and grime while disinfecting sanitizes and kills the germs that remain after cleaning.

When you clean before you disinfect, you clear the way for the disinfectant to work optimally. However, if you disinfect before you clean, you will hinder the disinfectant as the dust and dirt on the surface you are targeting will prevent it from killing all the germs that reside on that surface.

You spray cleaners directly on dirty surfaces

If you spray cleaners directly on the surfaces you are trying to clean, then you are not doing any cleaning. The reason for this is simple: when you spray cleaners directly on dirty surfaces, you ensure a buildup of the cleaning solution on those surfaces, which will make them greasy. As a result, dust and dirt will find it easier to stick to them and become almost impossible to clean.

Instead of spraying cleaners directly on dirty surfaces, spray them on microfiber cleaning cloths or disposable towels. Then, wipe down the dirty surface with the cleaning cloth.

You clean from the ground up

If you clean your home from the ground up, then you are making a grave mistake. Imagine you clean the ground first and then move up. Can you guarantee that dust, dirt, and grime from the surfaces above the ground won’t fall and dirty what you have already cleaned? The answer is probably no. So, unless you are willing to clean from the ground up and go again from the top to the bottom, you won’t have done any cleaning.